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RPG Character Sheets

I will draw you your character from whatever campaign you're playing! It will be an 11x17 sheet with all the pertinent information for your character, as well as a full body, full color illustration of them! This started with me drawing sheets for a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire campaign I was in and since it was a hit (and I have the sheet templates all set up) I decided to offer this service.

Prices start at $20 (for a digital copy for you to print) and goes up to $40 for special fancy laminated printed sheets that will be sent to you all ready to go.

If you'd like to get in contact with me about a character sheet, fill out this form and I'll e-mail you back as soon as I can!


Why yes, I will draw for money! If you're looking for art of your favorite obscure video game character or that one super villain who only appeared in one annual in 1987 but left things on a cliffhanger, or if you just want to see your OC full realized in full color, I will draw it for you!