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I like mash-up stuff. I know, I know, it can be a way to make a cheap buck on a quick t-shirt but I like to put way too much thought into it. The harder the effort on the dumber the pun the more I laugh. Hope you enjoy it too.

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Muppet Gear Solid

Cast List:

I painstakingly went through each Metal Gear game to figure out which Muppet should be which character. I went pretty obscure for a few of them, so here's a list of who's who in each picture, along with a link to both the appropriate Muppet Wiki and the Metal Gear Wiki pages.

Muppet Gear Solid

Kermit the Frog - Solid Snake

Miss Piggy - Meryl Silverburgh

Scooter - Otacon

Statler - Mei Ling

Waldorf - Col. Campbell

Fozzie Bear - Decoy Octopus

Janice - Sniper Wolf

Animal - Ninja

Sweetums - Vulcan Raven

Gonzo - Psycho Mantis

Sam the Eagle - Revolver Ocelot

Special Human Guest Star Joaquin Phoenix -
Liquid Snake

Beaker - Donald Anderson

Bunsen Honeydew - Kenneth Baker

Darci - Natasha Romanenko

and of course, Jim Henson as Big Boss

Muppet Gear Solid 2: Tadpoles of Liberty

Walter - Raiden

Scooter - Otacon

Skeeter - E.E.

Crazy Harry - Fatman

Afghan Hound - Fortune

The Count - Vamp

Annie Sue - Olga Gurlokovich

Sam the Eagle - Revolver Ocelot

Kermit the Frog - Iriqouis Plisken

Constantine - Solidus Snake

Muppet Gear Solid 3: The Muppets Take Mother Russia

Kermit the Frog - Naked Snake

Denise - EVA

Sam the Eagle - Revolver Ocelot

Lew Zealand - The Pain

Pepe - The Fear

Pops - The End

Swedish Chef - The Fury

Rolf - The Sorrow

Nanny - The Boss

A generic Muppet - Volgin

Bobo - Raikov

Muppet Gear Solid 4: The Great Patriot Caper

Kermit the Frog - Solid Snake

Miss Piggy - Meryl Silverburgh

Scooter - Otacon

Sam the Eagle -Revolver Ocelot

Walter - Raiden

Zoe - Sunny

Rizzo & Rats - Rat Patrol 01

Clifford - Drebin

The Count - Vamp

The Snowth - Crying Wolf

Camilla - Screaming Mantis

Yolanda - Laughing Octopus

Ballerina Pig - Raging Raven

Muppet Gear Solid 5: The Rainbow Connection

Kermit the Frog - Venom Snake

Sam the Eagle - Revolver Ocelot

Zoot - Kazuhira Miller

Foo Foo - D.D.

Dr. Phil Van Neuter - Huey Emmerich

Prairie Dawn - Paz

Spamela Hamderson - Quiet

A generic Muppet - The Man on Fire

Elmo - Eli

Gonzo - Tretij Rebenok

Kermit the Frog - Ishmael

Dead Tom - Skull Face